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May 2011

Is Your Company Putting the “K” in “Kuality”?

Some time ago, I spent over a thousand dollars on a new insurance product. So I was a little miffed to receive a welcome letter that greeted me as, “Dear Louse”. LOUSE?!! Excuse me? My first name is Louise. I’m pretty sure I spelled my own name correctly on your application form. Oh and thank [...]

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Calling All Halfwits: Know Your Audience

In 1968, my family’s favourite aunt, Grace, decided it was time to gather the clan for a reunion. Since my mother’s side was largely surnamed “Witt”, Grace’s invitation went out: “To all you Witts and Half-Witts”. Now there’s a woman who knew her audience. (Unfortunately, I’m only a Quarter-Witt but I hope you’ll keep reading [...]

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