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June 2011

How to Blog for Business. Part 2

Did you have a good week? I sure did! Lots of exciting things going on! No one posted a homework assignment, though. I’ll just assume you all did it because I’m such a trusting soul. In this week’s post, we’re going to talk about how often to post, what day is best and what the [...]

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How to Blog for Business. Part I

One of my favourite books on our “required reading list” in school was Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town, by Stephen Leacock. He was Canada’s answer to Mark Twain and an important influence on comedian Jack Benny. Leacock was a professor of political economics at McGill University. Pretty hard to find humour in that, wouldn’t [...]

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I Love Lawyers. (So You Don’t Have to)…

Forget English, French or even Spanish. Legalese. Now that’s what North America’s official language should be. ’Swounds and forsooth! I’ve always adored those lawyerly complicated polysyllabic prepositions and adjectives, haven’t you? Heretofore, whereupon, aforementioned. Do they not positively reeke of gravitas? 3 Reasons Why I Love Lawyers Reason #1. We love to spew the same [...]

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In Search of “Le mot juste”

Sometimes I feel like “The Waco Kid” in Mel Brooks’ parody, Blazing Saddles. One scene in this hilarious, MOST politically incorrect movie has Gene Wilder’s character, Jim, talking about the downside of being the fastest draw in the West. He explains how tired he’d grown of constantly being challenged to a duel no matter where [...]

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