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July 2011

Confessions of a Copy Cat

“Plagiarism” is a big word for a kid in Grade 1. At the time, I didn’t know what it was called. I only knew that I did it, knew full well that I’d done it, got caught, lied about it and learned a very valuable lesson that I never EVER forgot. Ah, confession really is [...]

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Online Selling? Mind Your Spelling!

BBC News education correspondent, Sean Coughlan, recently posted an article with this headline: “Spelling mistakes ‘cost millions’ in lost online sales”. It was posted, Tweeted, reTweeted and generally bandied about cyberspace ad nauseum. Hallelujah! I thought I was among the few who still cared about spelling and grammar. (After all, I still have that Kennedy [...]

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Antisocial? Or Anti-social-media?

In the 1960s, Bob Dylan wrote “The times, they are a-changin’…” That was two whole decades before Big Blue and Bill Gates blessed us with the first personal computer. So was Bob a prophet or a putz? Because the times, they have never a-changed faster than now. Until quite recently, I didn’t know my SEO [...]

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How to Blog for Business. Part 3

If you’ve been following along, by now you’ll have decided WHY you want to blog and WHEN you’re going to post. Now it’s time to figure out WHAT to write about. If you feel stuck, you’re not alone. It happens to professional writers all the time and the idea of blogging can seem very intimidating. [...]

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