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October 2011

10 Things We Can Learn from the Homeless

What do you do when a homeless person asks you for spare change? I used to pretend not to see and keep on walking. Too many to help them all. And some were players, not really homeless at all. Then I had an attitude adjustment. My brother and I were walking down fashionable Boylston Street [...]

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Gender Buy Asses

My life, as I knew it then, ended on April 4, 2005 with a sudden, sickening crash. Within days, I left my husband of 17 years and my extended family of in-laws, nieces and nephews all of whom I dearly loved (and always will). I left my house in the tidy suburbs of Toronto. I [...]

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The Mayhem’s in the Mail

As a Canadian, I’ve always had “postal envy” of our neighbours to the south. I love their eloquent and legendary oath that neither rain, nor snow, etc. shall prevent the mail from being delivered. Even on Saturday! Special rates and services like media mail. (Do you hear that, Canada Post? Library rates. What a concept!). [...]

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Missing Andy Rooney

There are two kinds of people in this world I adore. Wordsmiths and curmudgeons. Have you ever noticed they’re often one and the same? I’ve had the pleasure of working with several over the years. The best copywriter I ever knew wore a black visor, smoked a cigar constantly and barked at anyone who darkened [...]

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