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January 2012

45 Life Lessons We All Need to Learn

Have you ever noticed that someone emails you a kick in the backside exactly when you need it most? Or tells you something you always suspected about yourself but never really put into words because you were afraid it just might be too ugly to look at? Or too hard to change? I wish I’d [...]

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Why You Need Marketing Math to the Power of ONE

It’s been said that 50% of your advertising expense/effort is wasted. The problem is, no one can tell you which 50%. Another chestnut: “Figures can’t lie and liars can’t figure”. (This will be proven wrong below!). Direct response advertising is all about delivering measurable results. Whether you’re running a directory ad, writing web copy or [...]

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A Recipe for Ads that Break the Mould

Whenever I’m invited to a turkey dinner, I always volunteer to bring the cranberry sauce. Because I’m a cranberry sauce snob. This year, my hostess said, “Oh, don’t worry about it. No one even likes cranberry sauce.” Uh-huh. That’s only because they grew up on the same stuff I did. That uniformly red gelatinous blob [...]

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Good Riddance, 2011!

Aren’t you keen to shed the old and get on with something new, different and better this year? In her song, Anticipation, Carly Simon penned: “These ARE the good old days…” Why do we look back with fondness and ahead with fear? In 1980, I got my first “real” job, fresh out of university. My [...]

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