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About LA

Thanks for stopping by. It’s a pleasure to meet you!

This is where you’re expecting me to tell you what a talented, experienced writer I am. How you should hire me for your next project because I genuinely care about producing quality work and providing exceptional customer service.

That’s all quite true. But you can’t do what people expect ALL the time. Where’s the challenge in that? The uniqueness? The FUN?

Don’t your customers deserve something better from you than the same old/same old? Mine do!

When you work with me, you’ll soon discover I’m more than just a creative, results-oriented writer. More than just a madly meticulous editor and proofreader.

In the ad departments where I earned my stripes, I wasn’t content to be “just” a writer.

I did every job that didn’t involve drawing. (I still can’t draw, but I do have a keen visual sense). I even supervised print production, trafficking over 450 projects a day from concept to press.

You can’t afford to miss deadlines in that hectic environment. So you can bet I won’t miss yours. In fact, I GUARANTEE it.

You can’t waste time, either. That’s where I learned to do things right the first time. You’ll love that I “get it” so fast.

Want to generate more leads? Sell more product? Make your website work better? Or just stop worrying about all that stuff you don’t have time to write? I’m here to help. Email me today!

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