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Back to School

Posted on September 06, 2011 @ 4:14 PM in Uncategorized

One-room schoolhouse, Marshville, Ontario

As a kid, I loved that first day back to school. As an adult, I always dreaded it. And I don’t even have kids!

Traffic that day in Toronto was always hectic, snarled and dangerous. Frantic parents running late, swilling coffee on the go, calling the office on their cell phones and chauffeuring their little ones to class.

And forgetting how to play nice with other drivers.

As business owners, we know that every day is like back to school because the world is changing so quickly. The learning never stops.

Never ever. EVER.

How do you keep up?

I try to by reading, subscribing to info-rich blogs and taking online courses on things I don’t understand as well as I should. There’s a ton of information available out there. Unfortunately, not all of it’s good, or even correct. You have to be choosy.

Too much information can be just as overwhelming as total ignorance. It leads to the dreaded “analysis paralysis”. Sometimes, I have to chant my mantra: “Less think, more do”.

Other times, the cloud computer that is my brain, really surprises me. Like yesterday. Someone who has written an e-book wanted to know if they needed a website to promote it.

The question took me aback and made me feel like Simon Cowell, on an episode of Britain’s Got Talent. A young contestant named Greg Pritchard came out and sang the operatic aria Nessun Dorma – in a woman’s beautiful soprano voice! He absolutely nailed it.

It stunned the judges because the female voice was so unexpected coming from an obvious male. Simon admitted being puzzled and said, “Well, it’s rather like hearing a dog meow, isn’t it? Would I like to hear a dog meow? Yeah, I suppose I might…”

An e-book without a website? Well, it’s rather like opening a car repair business without owning a garage, isn’t it?

Suddenly, all that stuff I’d been cramming into my cranium swirled and settled into some cohesive patterns. Synapses were making unexpected connections.

There’s always an answer, if you’re smart enough to find it. So yes, I decided it just might be possible to promote an e-book without having a website. And I proceeded to explain how.

We all know ‘way more than we think. And a lot less, too.

It’s never too late to go back to school.

Class dismissed.

What have you learned that you never ever expected to use in your business but did?

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