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Good Riddance, 2011!

Posted on January 03, 2012 @ 5:35 PM in Uncategorized

Aren’t you keen to shed the old and get on with something new, different and better this year?

In her song, Anticipation, Carly Simon penned: “These ARE the good old days…”

Why do we look back with fondness and ahead with fear?

In 1980, I got my first “real” job, fresh out of university. My starting salary was a measly $13K. I felt rich! In a few short years of hard work that I loved, it tripled. Things just got better and better.

See what’s happening? Here I am, looking back fondly. But fear and massive change were constants then, too. People’s moods were very dark. Remember?

Back then, the world was in recession. Interest rates and fuel prices were sky-high. Everything seemed so expensive.

It was also a time of tremendous change. The IBM PC debuted in 1982 but we copywriters were still clacking away on manual typewriters.

When we finally got computers, one of my colleagues used to take Polaroid pictures of his screen to save his work because he didn’t trust the technology!

A few years from now, we’ll all be looking back at where we are today. Fondly!

The pain and fear we feel now will be long forgotten – no doubt replaced by newer challenges and the same old anxieties.

Well, I don’t know about you, but my plan for 2012 is to live this year without fear. I’m tired of mourning my old life, missing those I’ve lost and regretting past mistakes.

Someday, I’ll look back on 2012 and call these the good old days for all the RIGHT reasons. Because I dared to dream. Take action and risks. Move forward. And, I hope, take some of you along with me.

A friend sent me this link over the holidays.

If Shakespeare got it right in saying that what is past is prologue, may this sweet remembrance of auld acquaintance foreshadow our amazing futures.


Here’s to our year without fear!

How are YOU going to make this your best year ever?

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