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How to Blog for Business. Part I

Posted on June 21, 2011 @ 4:12 AM in Uncategorized

Stephen Leacock. Photo: ©Leacock Museum, Orillia, ON.

One of my favourite books on our “required reading list” in school was Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town, by Stephen Leacock. He was Canada’s answer to Mark Twain and an important influence on comedian Jack Benny.

Leacock was a professor of political economics at McGill University. Pretty hard to find humour in that, wouldn’t you think?

But Mariposa – the little town referred to in his title – was based on the town of Orillia, Ontario, where he and his funny alter ego made their summer home. Sunshine Sketches is a charming and hilarious satire on small town folk, life and politics.

Fast forward to this week. Because I didn’t know very much about blogging, I bought an ebook on the subject by Michael Hayward. It’s a detailed account of how to determine your blogging strategy, physically set up a blog and then, THEN, he gets into content creation.

So, in case you’re new to blogging too, I thought I’d follow his advice publicly and we could learn about it together.

What’s Our Strategy?

Why do I want to blog? Three main reasons. Yours, of course, will be different but it’s important to know WHY we’re doing this because it requires a serious commitment of effort over a long period of time.

Reason #1 – Having a blog has practically become a necessity for freelance writers. Not only does it give you, dear reader and business owner, a chance to get to know me better, it gives me a chance to show you my style. (Or lack thereof. You decide!).

If I can engage, entertain and/or educate you in my blog, chances are good that my writing will help you do the same for your customers or clients.

Reason #2 – I’ve always loved reading, writing, languages and words. I want to share that linguistic passion and put it to work for others. I get a real kick out of knowing my well-chosen words got results for you and your business.

Reason #3 – This one is more pragmatic. Google and its search engine ilk love fresh content. Having a blog is one way to boost your site’s ranking and help your business get found by prospects for your goods or services.

Homework Assignment!

This week, think about your own blogging strategy. Why do you think you should blog? Reasons include to:

Build an audience for your business
Encourage customer interaction
Rank higher on Google and attract traffic to your site
Showcase your products or services
Teach or educate prospects and clients
Sell stuff (NOT a good reason if it’s the only one…we’ll talk about that more in another post)

Please share YOUR reason(s) for blogging in the “Comments” section. Why? Because it will seem more real to you if you commit to it in writing AND you’ll feel more accountable in following through if you state your intentions publicly.

No worries! You’re not going to be judged or get stuck with it. Things – and people – change.

In next week’s post, we’ll talk about how often to post, what day is best and what the heck to write about. I’ll also tell you what Stephen Leacock’s fictional little town has to do with me.

Have a great week and thanks for reading!

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