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How to Package Your Expertise

Posted on August 09, 2011 @ 1:07 PM in Uncategorized

Everyone’s an expert at something, whether it’s as part of your job, a hobby or sport.

Even the way you’ve handled a certain life-event could help someone else, if only you could share your information and experience.

You Can! Here’s How!

Business owners, entrepreneurs, fundraisers, health care practitioners – ANY business can derive tremendous benefits by creating information products. E-books, CDs, DVDs and traditional books can be used to generate sales leads, create passive income, add new revenue streams and build your credibility as an expert in your field.

Here are some resources to help you turn what you know into products you can sell or use as content.

To record your phone interviews, coaching calls or teleseminars, try www.freeconferencecall.com. This service is free but the big phone companies sometimes disrupt the service, causing drop-outs.

For one-on-one interviews, it should be fine but, if you’re holding a teleseminar with up to 200 people on the line, it’s recommended to pay for a service such as www.carefreeconferencecall.com. The cost is still very reasonable.

Once you have an audio file, such as the MP3 you’ll get when you record with the above services, or a video, upload it to www.kunaki.com. You won’t believe how inexpensive this automated service is, especially for lower volumes. You design the artwork with their templates and Kunaki produces physical CD or DVD products that rival what you’d see in a store. They even ship in quantities starting from a single copy.

Need More Ideas?

Imagine you’re a chiropractor and you’d like to create an information product for your patients. You might send an email to your patient list, inviting the first 50 or 100 respondents to a free teleseminar where you interview a local yoga instructor about how yoga works together with regular chiropractic care for an alternative, holistic wellness program.

Then you take the MP3 file, upload it to Kunaki and create a CD that you and your interviewee can each sell in your respective practices or give away free to new clients or prospects.

As a copywriter, I like being able to offer my clients an MP3 of any interview I conduct. The client, interviewee and I all appreciate having a record of the conversation. The online recording service spares me the hassle of fiddling with a tape player or other recording device, allowing me to focus on the interview itself.

Has this given you any ideas for your own business or organization?

If you have any comments, questions – or success stories – please share!

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